Barber said his caddie, Cory Gilmer, was in a Waikiki Beach restaurant when he suddenly collapsed and landed on his head. Gilmer was still unresponsive when Barber left the hospital for his third round.

It turned out to be a false alarm.

“He’s in neurological ICU. A lot of bleeding and swelling in his brain,” Barber said. “So I went by this morning. That was the last update I had. He’s in pretty critical conditions. His parents are flying in tomorrow.”

Barber was trying to find the intensive care unit at the hospital Saturday morning when he received a push alert on his phone that a ballistic missile was headed for Hawaii and to seek shelter because it was not a drill.

He spent a few minutes practicing and then was headed back to the hospital.

“I slept about three hours,” Barber said. “That was about the hardest day of golf I’ve ever played, between that and the texts this morning. I’m pretty exhausted.”

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