When Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, told reporters while pleading the White-colored House for help that “individuals are dying,” she wasn’t exaggerating.

Continuing to move forward, Flynn states better preparation for these kinds of disasters is essential. He cautions emergency management government bodies against focusing an excessive amount of around the during and before stages of the storm and overlooking the after.

“Sadly, the area is really badly broken that there’s no capability to communicate—no method to know the amount of people and also require been wiped out within the storm itself with houses coming lower, debris,” Stephen E. Flynn, the founding director from the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern College, tells Newsweek.

“There’s significant suffering,” Flynn adds. “It is a humanitarian disaster, in my opinion, and must be treated this way.Inch

Flynn is not the first one to raise alarm concerning the potentially climbing quantity of Maria casualties. The Center for Investigative Journalism recommended now the government either wasn’t revealing or did not be aware of full lack of existence, writing on its site that “you will find a large number of hurricane-related deaths and also the number could rise towards the hundreds.”

All this leaves the sick and seniors in danger.

The cleanup attempts are harmful. “People will have to obvious the debris, and they’re using heavy equipment to complete this—machetes and so on,Inch Flynn states. “That nearly always means injuries.”

Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico on September 20 like a Category 4 storm, getting by using it torrential rains, high winds and big risks for an area just beginning to recuperate from Hurricane Irma. The director of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency told reporters throughout the storm he predicted he’d “find our island destroyed.” Trees fell, structures flooded and whole communities were effectively stop in the outdoors world.

However the chaos did not finish once the storm passed.

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