In the 33rd minute, a long throw found Kazim at the top of the area after some missed clearances. Kazim sent the ball looping to the goal line where Jadson lobbed a ball back to Rodriguinho sitting at the top of the six, for a clean first-time strike, putting up Corinthians 1-0.

The match started off in a usual manner, with both teams feeling each other out, seeing what worked, identifying positions, nothing out of the ordinary. Both teams looked to possess the ball with constant ball movement. The plan for Rangers this afternoon looked to be to clog up the middle so that Corinthians’ pyramid in the middle couldn’t find the necessary space.

Rangers made five changes from Thursday’s lineup, including two players who had great success, Josh Windass, Daniel Candeias, and Michael O’Halloran. Also Eucio Dalcio was moved out of right back on up to wight winger.

Corinthians finish 0-1-1, on two points (gaining a second point after a 1-1 opening draw with a shootout win over PSV Eindhoven), in what probably was a disappointing result — at least today — for the Brazilian side.

“We really gave our boys the broad strokes but didn’t tell them everything to do,” Murty said of all of his side’s spot kick chances —12 in all, and an overwhelming corner advantage (8-1). “We let them sort it out themselves. That’s the way the games go. You get your chances and not all of them are going to go in. But the ones we executed we were very proud of.”

Then, just as they did before, Corinthians found their way right back into the goal despite it appearing Rangers would equalize. If it was one thing that Corinthians were immensely successful at all half, it was the quick counter off Rangers’ spot kicks and crosses. An easily claimed cross by Cassio, led to a couple of long passes that found Kazim at the right side of the area. Kazim patiently waited out the defender and sent a hard, low shot to the bottom left corner that appeared to go through the legs of the defender, leading Corinthians to a 2-0 advantage in the 40th.

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