They elevated our gas prices. They elevated our license fee. Description of how the are tossing away four pallets of road maps simply because they have Tomblin’s picture on the website rather of Justice. Do you not think it’s time to stop placing a picture on the website?

Trump states the Russians preferred Hillary for president. I do not know whether that’s true or otherwise, but in the election totals, Americans did.

West Virginians love coal. Our politicians love coal. 4,000 coal miners love coal. Russians love coal. West Virginia and Russia possess a lot in keeping.

For that passion for God! Gov. Justice pay your taxes! Nobody will give you serious with this still hanging over your mind!

Since bamboo is aggressive and finally becomes invasive, the only real reliable, safe method to eliminate bamboo would be to find it up.

I really like our panhandlers Among the finest these to be correctly taken proper care of. I know many of them are vets and i’m embarrassed with our country because of not finding these vets and assisting them. We take better proper care of stray creatures.

I had been embarrassed with West Virginia after i saw the image of individuals getting to become introduced from Baltimore to power wash the bottom from the I-64 bridge over Greenbrier Street. I’m even more ashamed that they will function as the ones to color it. Will we not have access to individuals West Virginia that may enter there and do this job?

I actually do hope the high and mighty Kent Carper keeps his behind in Charleston and doesn’t attend the ribbon cutting in the bridge at Crossings Mall. He wasn’t the main one getting they are driving 40 miles to get at a supermarket as well as everyone that unemployment. This bridge must have been built within two several weeks of their collapse.

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