Our very best and brightest are departing our condition for additional lucrative careers and possibilities elsewhere. Our leaders have to take aggressive action how to reverse this outward migration.

Our industry could possibly be the catalyst for other industries, development and careers for current and generations to come. It is important our leadership recognize this chance, reserve their variations and interact to take full advantage of this incredibly marketable commodity.

West Virginia is really a beautiful condition, and for people that decide to live and work here, we’d agree that West Virginia is an excellent spot to raise a household.

We have to go ahead and take measures essential to keep our youthful individuals West Virginia. The implementation of recent co-tenancy policies (with appropriate protections for the surface and non-consenting mineral proprietors) allows mineral proprietors to get their share of royalty earnings.

West Virginia has fallen behind its largest competitors, Ohio and Pennsylvania, due to the limitations we face through rules, taxes and production costs.

We ask the legislative leaders to place aside their variations and go ahead and take necessary action to create West Virginia as good as our neighboring states and supply the economical development we want for the future.

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