A legal court granted the landlord’s motion to dismiss. Judicial precedent held that “[t]o constitute a legitimate deal for the lease of real estate, the parties should have arrived at final agreement upon its essential terms, without reservation associated with a term for future negotiations chronic This is also true from the add up to be compensated for rent….”

Gennarelli v. Cherkovsky, LT-001405-17, NYLJ 1202798191022, at *1 (Dist., NA, Made the decision Sept. 13, 2017), Fairgrieve, J.

The tenant had contended the landlord had “extended the lease annually by accepting the rent from [tenant].” However, a legal court described that “Real Property Law §232-C provides that the tenant turns into a month-to-month tenant after expiration from the lease, through the landlord accepting rent unless of course the agreement provides otherwise.” Here, the tenant grew to become per month-to-month tenant following the landlord stopped extending the lease for any year. There wasn’t any language within the addendum supplying for any further extension from the lease beyond per month through the landlord accepting rent.

Furthermore, evidence established that the landlords “intended on carrying out a gut rehab from the building and turning the whole bottom floor from the building right into a commercial space.” A landlord witness had testified they only meant to convert one for reds from the bottom floor right into a commercial space. However, that testimony was “contradicted through the filings made” using the New york city Department of Structures. A legal court discovered that such witnesses’ reason behind that discrepancy “was not credible.”

Finally, a legal court noted the landlord had offered the tenant a renewal lease coupled with complied using the addendum.

According to tenant’s “repeated defaults in timely payment of arrears and continuing use and occupancy, including two stipulations and 6 court orders,” a legal court held the landlord was “entitled to complete around the warrant of eviction.”

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