All five of the hunters with sheep tags harvested their rams, Wiedmann said, including a 16-year-old girl from Arizona whose dad bought the auction tag for $104,000.

“Montana puts out bighorns over 200 inches and real mega-rams,” he said. “But of course, by the time we had some real nice rams to harvest out of that group, that’s when the die-off hit so we lost a lot of those Montana rams. But now, we’re kind of getting the next wave. We have some real nice up-and-comers.”

Quality rams

Wiedmann, who holds an orientation session for the hunters before season, said he was sure the ram Seamands shot opening day in Unit B3 northwest of Fairfield, N.D., would top the previous state record when he saw the sheep in the field. After shooting a ram, hunters contact Wiedmann, who then drives out to the Badlands to take a rough measurement of the horns and insert a horn plug certifying the animal was taken legally; he also gathers blood and tissue samples from the rams.

Record book sheep

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