The outbreak started following the dying of the 31-year-old man in Madagascar’s central highlands at the end of August.


Connected Press author Jamey Keaten in Geneva contributed.

With dozens dead from the plague outbreak in Madagascar, the Worldwide Federation of Red Mix and Red Crescent Societies stated Friday it’s deploying its first-ever plague treatment facility towards the island nation.

Fears are increasing the outbreak will spread abroad. Government bodies in Seychelles now stated a guy was identified as having pneumonic plague after coming back from Madagascar.

Installments of bubonic plague, transmitted from creatures to individuals through flea bites, occur almost yearly in Madagascar.

The Planet Health Organization stated 561 cases happen to be reported to date, with another within the Seychelles.

The Red Mix statement stated its plague treatment facility includes 50 beds along with a medical team with the ability to isolate patients and can “considerably bolster” outbreak response.

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