A few in the past, Texas Monthly ran an excellent article on Dorcy, speaking about his begin with country star Hank Thompson, his service within the Navy during The Second World War and the brief remain in Hollywood, where he labored for John Wayne.

A Houston Chronicle article concerning the movie shares good quality details. But a Rolling Stone article shares an estimate from Willie daughter Amy Nelson (who’s directing the documentary together with her cousin Trevor Doyle Nelson) that about states everything …

I stuck out my hands and among the roadies — the main one pushing eighty years old — required it. For any minute I had been that near to John Wayne and Lana Turner. Johnny Cash and Elvis. Willie, Waylon and everyone who had been somebody in Texas music during the last half-century.

But he shrank when I introduced myself like a journalist, excusing themself to supervise the packing from Robert Earl Keen’s gear. Not rude. Although not thinking about as being a story.

Dorcy didn’t quite get his due in Willie’s various biographies and autobiographies — the storyline where Willie’s first wife, Martha, brains Dorcy having a glass ashtray and puts him within the hospital is told a couple of occasions inside a couple of ways — but Johnny Plant devotes a webpage to him in the life story “Whiskey River (Take My Thoughts)” and shares a photograph of the tall, thin and clean-shaven Dorcy.

Should you prowled Willie’s Picnic generate income did, you’d see him, too. For quite some time consecutively in Fort Worth, he’d be on an outing one of the crowd inside a morning, getting T-shirts in the merch means VIPs backstage. Then within the mid-day, you can spy him backstage watching Kris Kristofferson or Billy Joe Shaver in the wings and smoking his ever-present pipe.

Dorcy may have began out like a “band boy,” but he wound up like a godfather of awesome. His presence would be a benediction, even when many fans were not aware from the blessing.

Which was Ben Dorcy, obviously. “The world’s first roadie,” Willie Nelson would let you know. “King from the Roadies,” a documentary film states. “Lovey,” as named through the musicians who treasured him.

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