(NATIONAL) — Repetition. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) throughout an interview using the Sinclair Broadcast group that aired over the past weekend stated he thinks the Jesse Trump administration isn’t any better about government transparency compared to Federal government.

Reporter: “Just how you describe it, it’s troubling. Is Congress damaged?”

Sinclair reporter: “Do Republican leaders come with an appetite to complete the type of oversight that should be done?”

There was this exchange:

Chaffetz: “Congress does not defend itself. I believe it’s, it is lost its way. They are saying, oh, we’ll use the strength of the purse. That does not work. To begin with, they never do cut funding. Even getting individuals to show up and testify before Congress, the Federal government in the finish of the term, they were given so brazen they stopped delivering people up. They simply did not care. And, and there wasn’t any method to enforce that, and until that changes, uh, the legislative branch will get less strong and less strong.”

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Chaffetz: “No, no. No, I am talking about the truth is there’s not lots of people who wish to play offense. There are not many individuals who say, look, there exists a duty as well as an obligation to satisfy the oversight responsibility which was set up in the very founding in our country.”

Chaffetz paid the home Oversight Committee gavel this month. He was requested with a Sinclair reporter, “Many people may think a great time to become a Republican chairman of the important committee because Republicans control the home, they are most within the Senate, plus they contain the president’s office. Which means, what you know already, that federal agencies can’t stonewall investigations of spending, waste, fraud and abuse.”

To that particular Chaffetz responded: “The truth is, sadly, I do not see much distinction between the Trump administration and also the Federal government. I figured there’d be this, these floodgates would open with the documents we would have liked in the Department of Condition, the Department of Justice, the Government. In lots of ways, it’s almost worse because we are getting nothing, and that is terribly frustrating and, with all of due respect, the lawyer general hasn’t altered whatsoever. I’ve found him to become worse than I saw with Loretta Lynch when it comes to releasing documents and making things available. I simply, that’s my experience, and that is not things i expected.”

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