There’s not really a single West Virginian who’ll disagree our state’s transportation product is in dire necessity of upgrade and repair. This amendment is really a tool to deal with individuals needs.

Greater than $1 billion from the road bonds offered will fund 35 various projects locally and over the condition. The funding may be used to match available federal funds for highway and bridge construction as well as for general highway and secondary road and bridge construction and enhancements in most 55 counties.

The final untruth is the fact that additional tolls is going to be produced or failure from the Amendment can make the tolls disappear. Throughout the recent extended special session, the legislature passed Senate bill 1003, which gave free airline Virginia Parkways Authority the ability to issue bonds beyond 2019. This enables the Turnpike to do something since it’s own, independent connecting authority. The funds the Parkways Authority then collects through connecting can be used as road projects within the counties the Turnpike travels. It is really an issue outside of the street Bond entirely.

I will be telling this having a sigh

It is not only our roads that require repaired the industrious people in our condition are trying to find jobs and our communities require economic development to advertise business and repair growth. Finishing and repairing roads projects which have been in development for a long time will give you the roles and infrastructure essential to revitalize our region.

The poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, closes using the lines:

Which makes a big difference.

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