For quite some time, Kansas’s rate of monetary growth continues to be the worst in america. This past year its economy really shrank.  

Really, it’s quite contrary.

In the other finish is California, with one of the nation’s greatest taxes, especially around the wealthy toughest rules, particularly with regards to the atmosphere most ambitious healthcare system, that insures greater than 12 million poor Californians, together with State medicaid programs and wages.

But to date, California gives mislead the conservative dictum that low taxes, couple of rules, and occasional wages would be the keys economic success. Trumpland should be aware.  

California hosts the nation’s fastest-growing and many innovative industries – entertainment and hi-tech. It incubates more startups than elsewhere on the planet.  

Robert B. Reich has offered in three national administrations, most lately as secretary at work under President Bill Clinton. His latest book is “Saving Capitalism: For that Many, And not the Couple of.” His web site is world wide .

In sharp contrast to a lot of all of those other nation, Californians preferred Hillary Clinton over Jesse Trump with a 2-to-1 margin. They also dicated to extend a condition tax surcharge around the wealthy, and adopt local housing and transportation measures plus a slew of local tax increases and bond proposals.

What about so-known as over-taxed, over-controlled, high-wage California?

To be fair, Texas’s troubles are also from the oil bust. But that’s really no excuse because Texas has unsuccessful to diversify its economy. Once again, it hasn’t made sufficient investments.

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