The 1973 film follows the unnerving story of a officer because he looks into the disappearance of the missing girl on the remote Scottish island.

The Wicker Man was reprocessed in the year 2006 and appeared Nicholas Cage. Mr Sturdy stated he had nothing against remakes generally, but he “didn’t understand exactly what a total mess they would model of it.”

Mr Lee, who died this past year, stated The Wicker Man was “the very best-scripted film I ever required part in.” 

Robin Sturdy, the director of cult-Scottish film The Wicker Man, praised by experts because the “Citizen Kane of horror movies”, has died at age 86.

This past year Mr Sturdy stated he desired to make another Wicker Man film, the 3rd inside a series, in homage to Mr Lee.

Entitled The Wrath from the Gods, Mr Hardy stated the film would be “your final reflection around the styles that made The Wicker Man a vintage, using a few of the same enchanting Celtic landscapes like a backdrop.”

R.I.P Robin Sturdy, director of greatly influential horror ‘The Wicker Man’. There’d be no ‘Hot Fuzz’ without them.

Inside a 2013 interview, the director spoke about how exactly he didn’t only consider themself a filmmaker, but additionally a author and an artist: “I’m someone who doesn’t enjoy being typecast. I’ve been writing books relatively effectively, mainly in the [U . s .] States, and that i did a lot of journalism and I’m a painter. At least, I love to think so,” he stated.

The late Mister Congressman Christopher Lee starred as an eccentric Lord within the isolated community.

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