Samsung Pay is adding support for PayPal accounts that will allow users to integrate their PayPal accounts and employ them as a kind of payment using Samsung’s mobile payment solution. What this means is users can select compatible debit or credit cards like before, but probably now be capable of pay while drawing money using their PayPal account rather if they would like to achieve this. This marks an alteration for Samsung Pay within the mobile payment space because it puts them on even ground with Android Pay, which lately began adding PayPal account support to the mobile payment service captured.

It’s not pointed out where users can add PayPal to their Samsung Pay accounts, though it’s pretty likely the option is going to be obtainable in both Samsung Pay application as well as in the PayPal application, because this was the situation with Android Pay. Also unknown is how in every application this method is going to be located. For example, with Android Pay, integrating PayPal with Android Pay within the PayPal application is performed in the settings menu, so it’s entirely possible that Samsung Pay can look like a similar option. For U.S. users which have Samsung Pay placed on their devices, it’s feasible that the choice to integrate PayPal has already been being provided, therefore if you are interested in making use of it you should check to find out if it’s easy to add PayPal like a payment option. When the integration isn’t live, it’s either not been pressed out yet or it’s just hitting users in waves.

Once PayPal accounts are integrated with Samsung Pay users can select their PayPal account to create payments for purchases at the same places they are able to already pay with there debit or credit cards through Samsung Pay, including online purchases, in-store purchases where Samsung Pay is recognized, as well as for in-application purchases for apps which support Samsung Pay. Possibly they can be expected, Samsung is causeing this to be option open to U.S.-based Samsung Pay users first while presenting it with other regions soon where Samsung Pay has already been ready to go. However, Samsung doesn’t mention just when that U.S. users might find this method come in their Samsung Pay application.

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