The 12-year-old clients are now focusing on a brand new tool that may be utilized in the fight against global warming which is predicted the small satellite can create a “new wave” of space applications.

“We are happy to provide our technical solution meant for Teledyne e2v’s vision for that commercialisation of quantum technologies.”

The Unicorn-1 may be the first commercial PocketQube format satellite and can shortly be tested and calibrated for launch.

The lab experiments will be repeated wide through the Clyde Space-Teledyne e2v partnership’s Cold Atom Space Payload (Caspa) Mission, the planet’s first free-flying on-orbit demonstration for cold atom-based science missions.

The organization has partnered with tech conglomerate Teledyne e2v and also the College of Birmingham to build up the tool. Quantum technologies are getting used to supply a condition-of-the-art solution which is capable of doing creating ultra-sensitive “cold atoms” wide.

Recognised like a world-leading innovator and supplier of CubeSats and small satellite systems, Glasgow-based Clyde Space designed and built Scotland’s first satellite.

Alba Orbital’s objective would be to allow quick access to space to the entrepreneur or company, and to do this is lowering barriers with Unicorn-1 costing only around £200,000.

This means they may be accustomed to monitor more precisely alterations in sea currents, ocean levels and polar ice mass in addition to identify subterranean water sources and natural resource deposits. The 6U CubeSat doubles for deep space navigation.

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