One of the documents released towards the Occasions features a letter from the Multnomah County deputy da explaining her causes of not going after criminal charges against Murrary. Simpson’s “emotional instability, good reputation for manipulative behavior cheap he’s again try to escape making themself unavailable” forced deputy da Mary Burns Tomilson to say no charges against Murray because she wasn’t certain her office can be Murray’s guilt beyond an acceptable doubt. “However, this by no means implies that the District Attorney’s Office has made the decision that Jeff’s allegations aren’t true,” Tomilson authored. Inside a separate document, a promote care specialist authored, “Although he wasn’t indicted, the Protective Services department feels the allegations are true, along with the district attorney’s office.”

In 2008, when Shaun Simpson went after a civil situation against Murray, his attorney believed the allegations but dropped the situation as a result of anxiety about the time limit.


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His lawyer, Katherine Heekin, authored inside a letter towards the Occasions that child protective services personnel are educated to be extra careful and err along the side of believing abuse allegations. For that reason, “The San antonio Occasions misunderstands the value of the documents it acquired lately from Oregon’s Child Protective Services,” Heekin stated.

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