“We’ve had a situation by which we have to confront violent crime in the usa in metropolitan areas which have abandoned traditional police pursuits like Baltimore and Chicago, [where] murder rates have surged — specifically in poor neighborhoods,” he added. “And so, we within this department are absolutely dedicated to maintaining the civil legal rights for each American. So when a officer violates individuals legal rights so we have federal charges that people may bring, we’re likely to drive them.Inches

At some point, Sessions even goes so far as to mock a youthful lady on her thoughts about the government pot laws and regulations — calling her, “Dr. Whatever Your Company Name Is.”

At another point throughout the event, Sessions went backwards and forwards by having an unknown law student in the College of California Berkeley over the topic of police brutality.

“Look, there’s this view that marijuana is harmless also it does no damage,” Sessions stated within the video, that was acquired by and printed Thursday.

Recently released video shows Attorney General Shaun Sessions buying and selling verbal jabs with Justice Department interns over marijuana policy and police brutality throughout a private event in Washington.

Sessions spoke for roughly 25 minutes on that day, taking multiple questions from numerous DOJ interns.

“You support pretty harsh policies for marijuana and pretty poor gun control laws and regulations — I am not even sure what your location is around the assault weapons ban,” the intern stated. “So I’d prefer to know, since guns kill more and more people than marijuana, why poor laws and regulations one in comparison to the other?”

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