And just how would “Country Roads” seem when the lyrics were, “Almost Paradise/Central Virginia?”

Host Laurie Lin is moving to Virginia, and she or he argues a merger may benefit all of us. Ron and Scott aren’t so sure.

Or, would distant Richmond ignore its western citizens – much like it did in 1863?

On a single hands, Virginia is really a bigger and wealthier condition. Would which means that more income for poorer West Virginia residents? Better schools or roads?

An edited form of “The Front Porch” airs Fridays at 4:50 p.m. on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s radio network, and also the full version can be obtained at so that as a podcast too.

Hosts include WVPB Executive Director and recovering reporter Scott Finn conservative lawyer, columnist and rabid “Sherlock” fan Laurie Lin and liberal columnist and enthusiastic goat herder Ron Wilson, who works best for the American Buddies Service Committee.

Also, we poker fun at how Richmond folk say, “Kanawha.” More about the large margin and occasional turnout for that road bond – winners and losers. And Laurie’s favorite episodes in the latter years.

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