This is actually the first situation of in your area transmitted Zika within the condition this season, the department added. As many as 187 known Zika virus infections happen to be recorded in Florida in 2017, 107 which were in women that are pregnant.

The isolated situation happened in Manatee County, south of Tampa and St. Petersburg, following a local couple traveled to Cuba, the Florida Department of Health stated inside a statement.

The department also advised Floridians in lowering bug populations near their houses and companies by draining standing water and taking advantage of repellents.

There’s no proof of a continuing, active transmission of Zika virus to other people, based on the health department.

The department has notified bug control, that will take measures to lessen the amount of nasty flying bugs within the Manatee County area.

Medical officials advised individuals who visit known areas with Zika virus to make use of bug deterrents not less than three days after coming back home, in addition to condoms to prevent sexual transmission from the virus.

Following the couple came back home, one partner fell ill to signs and symptoms in line with Zika virus infection, based on the health department. Evidence from the later analysis recommended that whenever that partner acquired Zika in Cuba, a bug in or near their house bit the infected partner after which later bit and transmitted herpes to another partner, the department stated.

Just one situation of in your area transmitted Zika virus is proven on Florida’s west coast, based on the state’s health department.

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