The PM’s spouse has apparently had the periodic cigarette after quitting for a long time because the United kingdom heads for Brexit


Emotional moments as Samantha Cameron watches her husband resign as Pm

Start Of FAREWELL TOUR, dave?

Harsh-faced Cameron makes very first since giving up at Military Day event

Smoking Samantha Cameron

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Mike Cam has apparently been smoking to push away the strain from the EU referendum

Smoking Samantha Cameron


After Cameron clogged as he finished his statement, he grabbed his wife’s hands because the pair disappeared with the door of Number 10.

Dave’s Downfall

This is actually the moment Cameron’s slip from the tongue cost him the referendum – and the job

Friends of SamCam say she has smoked the occasional cigarette in recent weeks

“Sam continues to be so stressed because of it everything she’s adopted smoking,” one stated.

Buddies of SamCam say she’s smoked the periodic cigarette in recent days

SAMANTHA Cameron has apparently adopted smoking again to handle the stress from the EU referendum.

“She doesn’t really smoke, however the stress has driven her to cigarettes. She would like to stop following the referendum.”

“This isn’t a decision I’ve taken gently but I do think it’s within the national interest to possess a duration of stability and so the new leadership needed.”

Smoking Samantha Cameron

Choose Jexit

Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson piles pressure on Corbyn as eleven shadow cabinet ministers QUIT

The Pm revealed his intention to resign after neglecting to keep Britain within the EU

The Best Minister’s wife was on tearfully as she viewed her husband announce he will resign following the United kingdom backed a Brexit.

“The country requires fresh leadership to absorb it this direction.”

Sobbing Samantha was around the sidelines like a rock of support for that PM who accepted “this ship requires a new captain” carrying out a election for Brexit by huge numbers of people over the United kingdom.


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