In The month of january of 2016, flurries were reported as far south as Gainesville.


Our Shay Ryan states the models do change every so often, so there’s a little chance area of the panhandle often see some snow, but i am not suggesting.

The “540” line, also referred to as the rain snow line, implies that the environment is below freezing and cold enough for those precipitation to fall as snow. In most cases, snow is forecast when the precipitation falls north from the line.

As of this moment, the nearest the rain/snow line (nowhere one) will get to Florida is simply west from the panhandle.

Tampa Bay however won’t be seeing any snow. The only real time that happened is at 1977.

It’s very rare to listen to “snow” and “Florida” within the same sentence, but there is indeed a chance the sun’s rays Condition often see some snow a few days ago.

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