“You would think you can send a satellite available online for, have a picture from the sun and set a ruler around the picture and choose how large the sun’s rays is,” Wright stated.

“He might be,Inches Wright stated.

Xavier Jubier, a French engineer whose calculations happen to be accustomed to produce the interactive Google maps from the eclipse, confirmed by email the actual road to the totality is slightly narrower compared to 70 miles proven on current maps.

How big the moon, actually, continues to be measured to inside a meter, and it is position within the heavens continues to be measured to inside a centimeter.

Jubier doesn’t think the little difference can change much for that average eclipse viewer, “as usually people don’t go close to the edges from the eclipse path.”

A larger sun will make the moon’s shadow, and therefore the road of totality, narrower.

The closer one will get to the center of the road, the more the totality can last, up to and including more a couple of minutes and 40 seconds. In the edge, totality lasts under ten seconds.

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