Initially glance, the semi within the following videos possess a truck that appears pretty normal, before you recognize the enormous white-colored cube sitting awkwardly behind the cab. It’s entirely possible that this may be a prototype for Tesla’s approaching electric truck, as Electrek were able to place an identical prototype plus the cleaner “finished” truck concept within an image that made the models the other day. (Check Electrek’s page for any more convincing image if you want.)

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This Can Be Our Start Looking At Tesla’s All-Electric Semi-Truck

Despite the fact that Tesla has pressed back the state reveal of their approaching all-electric semi-truck to pay attention to Model 3 production and explore the potential of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power infrastructure, we’re still getting clues in regards to what the18 wheeler may be like.

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There’s little-known concerning the all-electric 18 wheeler that Tesla Chief executive officer Elon Musk really wants to unveil…

The state truck unveiling will perform November. 16, where Tesla will probably list off a lot of fun figures and statistics. For now, all we’ve are these videos of the weird truck.

reported that Tesla needs a 200 to 300 mile range because of its semi-truck, but otherwise the facts are restricted. It’s hard to guess what sort of capacity battery pack will have to be even though you work backwards in the claimed range, thinking about you’d need to element in the load from the truck and whatever it’s hauling.

As you’ll likely note from watching rapid clips, the18 wheeler appears to create hardly any noise because it pulls away, though Personally i think like I’m able to still hear something. Take a look:

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