Dying Stranding was absent out of this year’s The new sony E3 press conference and fans are wanting to learn more concerning the game. We’re yet to determine any game play for that this long awaited title and lots of of you’d be pardoned for believing that the sport was revealed too soon and it is at the begining of development.

There’s lots of hype all around the approaching game from Hideo Kojima and there’s also speculation on the web about Stefanie Joosten, who performed Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V, is associated with the sport. However, when requested about this, she neither confirmed or denied it stating that she can’t really say.

No, no – it’s ready to go, it’s been aided tremendously after Kojima-San made the decision to co-opt the Decima engine from Guerrilla [that powered Horizon Zero Beginning]. And, jeeze, that actually gave him an advantage to obtain ready to go and test drive it and also have some prototype levels running. I couldn’t show you exactly what the game is…

Also, Hideo Kojima revealed why he made a decision to develop Dying Stranding after departing Konami. Based on Kojima, it was his best idea for that gaming market in those days.

However, President of The new sony Interactive America, Shawn Layden, spoken concerning the game and it is absence from E3 2017. When requested about when the game really exists outdoors of trailers proven till now he clarified the game is “up and running” and devs curently have some prototype levels already running.

Source: Telegraph

Layden further says he’s really performed the sport themself so when requested when the game is promising or otherwise he just reiterated the game exists and that’s all he is able to reveal for the time being.

No release date continues to be announced for Dying Stranding, but Hideo Kojima has hinted the game will launch in 2018 solely for Ps 4.

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