Additionally, it shows that in some instances, studying a specific subject in a-level could be unhelpful. For instance, law students were more prone to attend institutions that scored lower on college rankings when they required A-level law, as opposed to a classical academic subject.

The Russell Group, addressing 24 leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, publishes info on the “facilitating subjects” which are frequently preferred, or needed more frequently, by these institutions

Ms Dilnot stated: “Students who aspires to some career inside a expertise firm would probably believe that taking a b-level in law, accounting or business could be useful in achieving that goal.

The research concludes that for accounting, business and law degree courses, studying more “facilitating subjects” in a-level was associated with attending a college that scored greater on league tables.

“But it might be that selecting these subjects is really unhelpful in high status college admission.

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