The research, which examined the 2014-2016 vehicle crash statistics stored through the Montana Dot, was published by a partnership between your Billings law practice Ragain &amp Prepare and marketing company 1point21 Interactive.

Helena also had three more locations one of the top 25 most harmful intersections out there.

“Although roundabouts have a bit of an adverse stigma within the public’s eyes, research has proven that, with time, they’re unanimously safer than traditional traffic intersections,” the research mentioned.

The Billings law practice that conducted the research pointed to roundabouts among the helpful methods to reduce the amount of crashes, citing an insurance coverage Institute for Highway Safety study that found they reduced crashes by 37 percent. The reduction might be related to motorists not attempting to beat yellow lights cheap traffic flowing one way minimizes the chance of mind-on collisions, the Montana crash study stated.

The intersection finally Chance Gulch and Lyndale Avenue arrived because the ninth most harmful, with 49 different crashes throughout the 3 years, typically one crash every 22 days. 

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