Countless bombs happen to be dropped around the east side from the city among the bloodshed which wiped out lots of people and divided the town recently.

The nation’s tourism ministry has launched a marketing campaign spruiking the federal government-held west side from the war-ravaged town of Aleppo.

The move uses the tourism board released a relevant video captured with images of women in bikinis at gorgeous seaside destinations inside a similar video promoting the nation.

The nation was dubbed “Always Beautiful” and demonstrated individuals the med at Tartus.

The marketing video showcases the city’s beautiful parks and fascinating architecture – not even close to the town featured regularly in news bulletins for air strikes and bloodshed.

Actually, any viewer from the marketing video unfamiliar with the city’s bloody war would think it had been an excellent place to go to.

It might not be among the first destinations vacationers consider for any holiday however the Syrian Government continues to be likely to try.

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