For a hybrid smartwatch at the other end of the price range, check out our hands-on with the MyKronoz ZeTime.

As with the 45, Tag is pushing the Connected Modular 41’s ability to be both a smart and traditional watch, thanks to the interchangeable head unit, which can be swapped out for a Calibre 5 mechanical module. It’s also water-resistant to 50 meters, features GPS, and comes with an NFC sensor for contactless payment through Android Pay.

The Connected Modular 45’s storage and memory are both doubled in this new version, up to 8GB and 1GB, respectively, meaning it should offer plenty of internal space and performance. There are also seven base options and a mixture of straps and lugs available to customize the Connected Modular 41 as you see fit.

At $1200, prices for the Connected Modular 41 start slightly cheaper than its larger cousin. Those who want both a smart and traditional watch will have to fork out an extra $1650 for the Calibre 5 module. If you’ve got particularly deep pockets, you can pay up to $17,000 for the most expensive version of the wearable.

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Still developed alongside Intel and Google, the biggest change is the wearable’s size. Like many smartwatches, the Connected Modular 45 is pretty large. Its 45mm diameter might feel a bit too chunky on some thinner wrists, especially for women, which is why the new Connected Modular 41 shrinks things down to, you guessed it, 41mm.

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