Captured, Target stated it might spend $7 billion in in the future on remodeling stores opening more small, urban stores and strengthening its e-commerce and offer chain.

Target holds nationwide hiring occasions from March. 13 through March. 15.

The discount chain stated on Wednesday it might hire 100,000 periodic workers for that approaching November and December Christmas shopping period, when compared with 70,000 this past year, a 43% jump. The rise is entirely due to more in-store staff at its 1,800 approximately locations.

A week ago, additionally, it stated it might slash prices on a large number of products, a tacit acknowledgement it’s feeling pressure in the cost war being waged by Amazon . (amzn) and Walmart (wmt). Both individuals rivals have invested heavily in accelerating delivery and, within the situation of Walmart, using a large number of stores to bolster e-commerce and shorten shipping occasions.

Unlike this past year, when Target had lately opened up distribution centers coupled with to obtain them ready to go at full convenience of the holiday season, the 2017 hiring push is mainly centered on stores.

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