The federal government insists the primary purpose of the brand new legislation is to work through Brazil’s chaotic land situation. “Our goal would be to simplify inefficient procedures and also to cut the bureaucracy,” said Eliseu Padilha, the Presidential Chief of Staff. “With the brand new program the federal government will turn countless Brazilians into citizens.”

If peasant families has to start having to pay for his or her plots immediately, most don’t have any option but to market, because without rural credit and sufficient roads, they’re not able to farm profitably, Teixeira added, “Big landowners wish to get hold of the 80 million hectares [308,882 square miles] given to agrarian reform. Making settlers start having to pay for his or her plots can give agribusiness what it really wants — land for purchase.Ariovaldo Umbelino de Oliveira, in the College of Sao Paulo, believes that current policies, including Terra Legal, will raise the morale of land thieves, encouraging these to form a few of the largest rural estates recorded within the good reputation for humanity.

MP 759 is only the latest in a number of retrogressive measures which are being pressed quickly through Congress by the bancada ruralista rural caucus which are undoing the ecological and social advances produced by South america because the go back to civilian rule in 1985. Civil society is protesting vociferously but continues to be not able to help the Congress.

Analysts say the newly passed legislation could result in the loss of millions of acres of Amazon rainforest, as well as vast tracts in the Cerrado savanna. Photo by Rhett A. Butler / Mongabay
Brito concludes: “During a time period of financial crisis and growing deforestation … this MP does the alternative of what’s needed, by permitting derisory prices to become compensated, and stretches time periods. The Castanheira and Flying Rivers Operations, transported by the Federal Police, demonstrated that there’s a scramble [by land thieves] to unlawfully dominate public land in Amazonia. Because of this, rather of giving an amnesty and achieving an adjunct within this criminal behavior by supplying a presidential sanction, the federal government must have vetoed the MP and sent the content that this sort of thievery of public property won’t be tolerated.”

“Among numerous unconstitutional elements, MP 759, that was approved in the middle of protests, transfers into private hands a massive stock of public land,” stated Duprat. “With this, various policies that guarantee land for peoples, the atmosphere and conservation units, are likely to become completely compromised. We must be get ready for a scenario within the countryside where — because of the personal bankruptcy of public policies — violence will grow tremendously,” Duprat stated.

The balance was passed at any given time of drastic cuts in funding for key government regulatory physiques, like the ecological agency IBAMA, the agrarian reform institute INCRA, and also the Indian agency FUNAI.

Gerson Teixeira, an agrarian expert, stated the new law will remove a stipulation that permitted peasant families to obstruct having to pay for his or her plots before the land is based on sufficient infrastructure. “Most from the settlements have been in a precarious condition,” Teixeira stated. “They do not have rural credit or infrastructure. Some have existed for 25 many do not have just one well.”

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