The terrorist who grown an incendiary device that hurt a minimum of 18 people on the London subway train continued to be around the loose and could be equipped with knives, based on a study.

“That is essential too. If there is a timer with this particular device it’ll provide them with a sign that possibly the suspect didn’t disembark the train along with other panicked passengers at Parsons Eco-friendly,” he added.

Security sources believe there is a timer connected to the bucket explosive device, this news outlet reported.

“We believe there’s another explosive device — there’s a guy with knives around the loose,” a officer in the scene told the .

Meanwhile, the amount of hurt within the explosion rose to 22, based on Sky News. Most endured “flash burn” injuries.

Counter-terror government bodies is going to be “looking in the stations before Parsons Eco-friendly to find out whether a person left the train at that time,Inches he stated.

Scotland Yard, which known as the incident a terror attack, couldn’t immediately confirm reports about another device.

“Whoever it had been that placed this explosive device around the carriage floor will not have been present at that time,Inches a resource told Sky News. “So possibly, as you’ve seen along with other attacks previously, it isn’t a suicide bombing. You receive that each maybe just a few minutes prior to the explosive device detonates, placing the unit after which going in a station.

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