filed a patent application for any machine that will technicians to swap EV battery power within fifteen minutes. The EV-maker initially considered the thought of building rigs that may rapidly replace its cars’ battery power in 2013 — it also demoed the machine in an event. That did not quite pan out, however it clearly has not abandoned its plans of supplying customers a fast method of getting their packs exchanged. As Electrek notes, the brand new design is much more compact compared to one it demonstrated off a couple of years back and can also be mobile, most likely therefore it could be easily put into proper places where Superchargers aren’t available.

As you can tell within the image above, the rig has the ability to lift vehicles, allowing technicians easy accessibility whole vehicle because they assist the machine change batteries. It will not enable 90-second swaps like what Tesla initially guaranteed, but awaiting fifteen minutes is not bad whatsoever when you are have less power while driving between metropolitan areas or states and there isn’t any Supercharger nearby. The rig within the patent is built to service the Model S and X, but you can imagine Tesla making one which its electric trucks may use.

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