“I have written a lot about black and white-colored relations, the show grew to become a method to explore the dilemma of race that’s so divisive within our country today, from the point of look at two ordinary individuals who aren’t overtly racist, but have cultural baggage.”

Twenty-5 years following the European concerts, Govenar made the decision to show the study he’d accomplished for the series into his book, Everyday Music, printed by Texas A&ampM College Press. 

Govenar was struck because when both of these people, from such starkly different upbringings, had grown to look after each other across the racial divide. That grew to become the spark to create the show, he states.

The show joined together with unpredicted swiftness. Babatunde, who understood Mays, directed.

With that time, Mays and Burrus were deceased. However when he interviewed Burrus’ widow, she told Govenar how “John never spoken a great deal about Paris, but each year, he wanted her to check on in on Osceola and find out how she was doing.”

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