HOUSTON – The “Guns Up” hand signal is a common salutation in West Texas. It’s known as a friendly greeting between Texas Tech students and alums.

Although Durkin says she did learn a lesson about hasty airport hellos.

“All the sudden a TSA agent was tapping on my shoulder,” Durkin explained. “She’s like, ‘You understand you can’t throw your hand up in a gun signal at an airport?’”

“If I see somebody wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt, I’m just going to laugh to myself and think it’s definitely not worth it this time.”

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tsa is now pulling me aside to talk to me :((

On January 6,2018, Diana Durkin, 19, was standing in the TSA line at Hobby Airport when she spotted a fellow Red Raider.

“I see somebody wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt and I think, ‘Oh my goodness! I go to Texas Tech too!’ I had my arms raised and I was doing the “guns” symbol and I’m so excited!”

“It’s been on every platform! My aunt in New Jersey sent me a picture of me on the news today!” she said.

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