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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Jesse Trump blown aside the concept a week ago.

Abbott told radio host Sean Hannity on Friday that Texas really wants to have a leadership role to help make the relaxation of the nation a lot more like the Lone Star Condition. What Abbott does not see happening is really a break using the U.S. the way in which Britain chosen to leave the Eu a week ago.

“Sovereignty is an essential component of the nation, and we have seen the U . s . States, we have seen The Uk, we have seen nations in Europe sacrifice their sovereignty, and we have seen the way in which their people have endured due to it,” Abbott stated. “Asserting sovereignty of the condition, of the nation is important. It is exactly what America should do to place our country back on course.Inch

“What Texans have confidence in is the fact that we want the U . s . States to become a lot more like Texas,” Abbott stated. “Actually, In my opinion America longs is the way Texas is.”

Because the Uk chosen to depart the Eu, there has been a string of reports tales speculating about the potential of a Texas secession movement. Although some leaders within the movement happen to be generating noise concerning the idea because the election, most political leaders and experts have scoffed in the notion.

AUSTIN — Texit is not happening, Gov. Greg Abbott has declared. 

“Texas won’t ever do this because Texas loves me,” Trump stated.

But, he added, “asserting sovereignty of the condition” is important.

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