Within an arid, lonely extend west, the coverage that bloomed has become in danger

Rural America lifted Trump towards the presidency. Support is powerful, although not monolithic

In rural America, less immigrants and fewer tolerance

Variations, in black and white-colored: Rural Americans’ views frequently set apart by race

This partnership poll from The Washington Publish and also the Kaiser Family Foundation examines the views and encounters of individuals residing in small towns and rural areas over the U . s . States, and just how they’re similar or not the same as individuals in urban and suburban settings. It’s the 31st in a number of surveys dating back 1995 which have been conducted included in the Washington Publish/Kaiser Family Foundation Survey Project. Partly, laptop computer is built to reveal the political opinions of individuals residing in rural counties where Jesse Trump scored a 26-percentage-point victory over Hillary Clinton within the 2016 presidential election, a considerable increase from Mitt Romney’s 16-point margin over Obama this year. Additionally to politics, laptop computer gauges rural Americans’ views of the communities, their feeling of shared values, their economic concerns, as well as their thoughts about problems with race and immigration.

Poll of rural Americans shows deep cultural divide with towns

With regards to saying elegance, Americans continue to be u . s .

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