Presently, with what reaches least the 3rd significant version change for your paragraph, the Marvel statement continues to be walked back even more having a flat denial that Marvel Television shows is going to be removed:

But here comes a study from that softens up this case much more:

When Disney announced during its August eighth earnings are convinced that the organization could be pulling its content from Netflix and launching its very own streaming service, there is a minumum of one factor which was apparently left purposefully unstated: What can occur to Marvel films and tv series on Netflix after current deals expire? Indeed, as the BC staff debated this trouble within the moments following the announcement, our eyebrows with each other elevated at CNBC’s set of the problem, which initially mentioned:

Iger stated on Tuesday the Marvel and Lucasfilm movies may go to Netflix or any other streaming service after 2019, or Disney might support the legal rights by itself.Inches

With Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos adding his two cents:

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