A lot of the task loss caused by the GOP’s repeal of Obamacare is going to be concentrated within the Rust Belt. https://t.co/T64OHl5OXL pic.twitter.com/h95WKz7iGn

President Trump is presently proposing major changes to 3 industries that take into account roughly one-third from the U.S. economy – healthcare, energy and also the internet. In every situation, the choices are mainly ideologically based, supplying steak to Trump’s base who’re completely not aware from the potentially countless jobs to become lost and damage it’ll cause to the economy.

Clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel jobs by greater than 2.5 to at least one. The solar industry alone produced jobs at 17 occasions the speed from the national economy and taken into account one in 50 new jobs produced this past year. Yet President Trump thinks alternative energy is really a “bad investment”. He’s gutting funding for renewable efforts to concentrate rather on revival from the coal industry which uses less workers than Arby’s Roast Beef.

Trump is clearly not hearing Gary Cohn, his top economic consultant, since he states that purchasing coal doesn’t “make much sense any longer,” whereas purchasing alternative energy might make the U.S. “a manufacturing powerhouse”.

Despite getting broad bipartisan support among voters, Republicans in Washington keep having an ideological knee-jerk opposition to President Obama’s internet neutrality rules. When I outlined more fully lately, internet neutrality is all about making certain a totally free and open internet whereby internet providers cannot discriminate against programs or applications selected by consumers or censor their communications.

Yet Trump and Republicans are pushing for any election with no proceedings or deliberations to deal with the danger that Trumpcare is definitely an expressway to unemployment.

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Trump’s Betamax Energy Policy

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