And wouldn’t you know it, on one of the first tosses, Oliver’s shoe landed (and remained) on the catwalk above.

“It’s ominous,” Gentemann says.

Before Gilmore, no one called KU’s home building “The Phog.” Now that’s commonplace, with ’s Jay Bilas and Scott Van Pelt using those two words as often they do “Allen Fieldhouse.”

And also a banner that binds them all.

When they raised it again, the words could be seen perfectly. The sign also was situated in front of a pair of air vents, which added to the effect.

When they started to talk to others about the idea, friend Tom Kippenberger dreamed the biggest of anyone.

“Beware of the Phog” is now a part of KU lore. It’s as Jayhawk as the Campanile or Wilt Chamberlain or the Fieldhouse itself.

“You know, Michelangelo looked at that block of marble and said, ‘There’s a David in there,’” Gentemann says with a laugh.

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