Mark Littlewood, director-general from the Institute of monetary Matters, stated: “Because of the financial mess the NHS finds itself set for some time now, it’s a question these low-cost household items were deliver to to begin with – specially when vital cancer medicine is being rationed.

Vaccines for typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera along with a combined jab for diptheria, polio and tetanus are often available free around the NHS.

Foods approved for prescription include bread or rolls, cereals, crackers and crispbreads, flour and flour-type mixes, oatmeal, pasta and pizza bases.

Travel vaccinations, gluten-free foods and omega-3 supplements may not be on the NHS under major cost-cutting plans.

NHS England are talking to on new national guidelines to prevent Gps navigation prescribing medicines along with other products that are around over-the-counter for a small fraction of the price.

“There will have to be considerably more radical cutbacks along with a complete re-think from the system to have a financially sustainable and efficient health service.”

They are considered to cost the service £128 million each year, NHS England stated.

The essential fatty acid omega-3 usually is available in capsule form and has been utilized to assist prevent irregular heartbeats and prevent clotting by looking into making the bloodstream less sticky.

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