Police stated the stolen cars are frequently being retrieved around the city roads.

“Although several individuals were arrested and much more identified, please take appropriate measures in stopping such occurrences from occurring at the office,Inches police authored within the letter.

They stated that patrol officials happen to be requested to conduct patrols from the dealerships after hrs.

This time around this past year, condition police reported cars have been stolen from your East Granby auto auction more than a three-month period. A minimum of a couple of individuals vehicles were found by city police in Hartford.

The 2 suspects were arrested 2 days later because they returned towards the dealership to accept vehicles.

Within the letter towards the city companies, police highlighted one thievery by which 56 separate keys were taken.

City mother and father put nearly 200 dealerships and repair centers on alert after trend has emerged by which thieves enter dealerships to obtain keys and flee in stolen cars.

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