Tebow went 1-for-4 around the night, and something of his highlights was this unfortunate moment when his bat tucked from his hands from his swing and entered the stands.

Tim Tebow’s baseball career will most likely continually be overshadowed by his football career, but that is included with the territory to be a Heisman-winning quarterback switched National football league bust switched minor league baseball player.

It was not only the jumbotron. Charleston’s mascot, Charlie T. River Dog, stacked it on by putting on “John 3:16” eyeblack, exactly the same bible verse Tebow used throughout the 2008 National Title Game against Oklahoma.

It’s clearly simple to poker fun at a man like Tebow, but all this in a single night needed to be annoying to cope with from his finish. But because I stated before: That’s only the nature from the animal to be, well, Tim Tebow.

Over the past weekend, Tebow’s Columbia Fireflies team required on the team in Charleston, S.C., and also the RiverDogs required the chance to wreck havoc on Tebow through the night. First, they used his infamous crying picture on its jumbotron. To refresh your memory, that photo made the models heavily on the web after Florida’s loss to Alabama within the 2009 SEC Championship Game.

Each time someone from Tebow’s team was up at bat, the jumbotron read “Not Tim Tebow” using the photo of crying Tim without anyone’s knowledge from the player hitting.

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