The Thunder, for whatever reason, play down to their opponents like no other team currently bound for the postseason. And they know it.

Add it all up and the seven non-Thunder teams currently in the West’s playoff picture are 101-41 (.711) against teams that bad. The Thunder, meanwhile, are one Saturday loss away from dropping to dead even.

The top of the West dominates such teams.

“It’s a mentality thing. Now in the second half we need to change our mentality,” Anthony said. “Every game counts; every moment counts. Regardless of who we’re playing, we’ve got to take that mentality into that game.”

Yet, the 22-20 Thunder, losers of three straight with one of those losses coming to the 16-26 Phoenix Suns, have yet to fix the issue while other decent teams beat down on those worse than them. The 22-19 and currently No. 5-seeded Portland Trail Blazers are 12-5 against teams at least seven games below .500. The No. 7-seeded Denver Nuggets are 13-7.

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