Suspicious transactions and bank clients could be “red flagged” for agencies including financial intelligence units to watch and investigate, it states. Watch lists of alleged poachers could be shared.

Some investigators are tracking ocean shipments so that they can identify is booking suspicious cargo transports around the world.

The approach is rapidly becoming mainstream.

Generally, the conviction of the Thai man trafficking rhino horns via a bizarre plan that involved hiring prostitutes to pose as trophy hunters might have marked the finish from the story.

“We have gone beyond kicking lower the doorway and searching for creatures within the back room, to searching at who’s the kingpin, who’s the transportation coordinator, who ultimately may be the vulnerable node within the syndicate without whom the syndicate wouldn’t work,” stated Galster, whose group has partnered with police force agencies to create lower several trafficking rings recently.

But many arrests still only involve low-level smugglers.

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