Retzler can also be bullish on Gilead Sciences. “There is a great management team, they’re a platform company and they have been very effective in M&ampA, in onboarding individuals acquisitions, after which rendering them larger product marketplaces,” he described.

Christopher Retzler is the owner of shares in Thermo Fisherman and Gilead (GILD).

Meanwhile, Christopher Retzler, portfolio manager at Needham Funds, is betting on Thermo Fisherman Scientific within the health-care space. “We like the management team there, so we also notice like a platform,” he stated. “So, they could be a consolidator within the space, they are able to drive costs lower out of the box necessary for the-care space.”

Wood, who also is the owner of Thermo Fisherman, stated she’s shying from Cerner Corp., a supplier of health it. “Many people believe that [Cerner] is getting into the cloud, which effective companies will need to do,” she stated. “They are trying, however their DNA, as they say, isn’t right.

“They are getting lots of trouble.”

ARK Invest is the owner of Illumina, Thermo Fisherman (TMO) and Cerner (CERN).

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Catherine Wood is the owner of shares in Illumina (ILMN).

Portfolio manager disclosure: The next stocks pointed out or intended as pointed out on CNBC’s Portfolio Perspective video segment:

Catherine Wood, founder and Chief executive officer of ARK Invest, thinks “genomics” will completely alter the health-care landscape.

“Genomics is getting technology into healthcare in a way that we are seeing deflation — cost deflation,” stated Wood, who is the owner of a business known as Illumina. That firm includes a 90 % share of all the base pairs of DNA sequenced on the planet, as well as their costs are falling 40 % annually.

Companies for example testing firm base Medicine can leverage from that, she stated. Illumina evolves, manufactures and marketplaces integrated systems for that analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Foundation Medicine evolves, manufactures and sells genomic analysis diagnostics for solid and circulating cancers.

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