“North Korea is really a serious factor,” Ellison stated as a result of an issue from your attendee in a late mid-day panel in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. “You have this person making bellicose threats against someone else that has hardly any to get rid of there. Kim Jong-united nations, the planet always thought he wasn’t an accountable leader well he’s acting more responsible than this person is. And just what I’m suggesting is once you begin seeing missile launches, you’re likely to see—the here we are at cranking in the anti-war machine is appropriate now.”

“That was certainly one of individuals If only I’d not stated,” Ellison said as he was departing. “It’s tailor-designed for somebody to misuse.”

The anti-war machine for which?

As always, Keith Ellison states terrible things after which blames individuals who might misuse the terrible things while refusing to consider responsibility on their behalf. But a minimum of at least individuals terrible everything doesn’t involve the country of Islam.

And just what exactly does Ellison view as Kim Jong-un’s responsible behavior? The threats to fight Guam or even the mass murder of their own people?

Letting Kim Jong-united nations nuke Guam? Letting North Korea develop nuclear weapons which takes out Minnesotta? 

But Keith Ellison is simply pushing exactly the same bigger message from the opposition percolating with the press and politics. He’s just being stupidly blatant about this. Susan Grain recommended that Trump and Kim Jong-united nations are equally bad. But Ellison goes one better. And it is one step too much for the far left.

After departing the panel, Ellison retracted the first remarks within an exchange with Dave Weigel, a reporter for The Washington Post while The Daily Animal was present.

You heard right. It’s Keith Ellison again. Taking advantage of his Netroots appearance. And at least he is not betraying America to Islamists. Rather he’s reenacting Team America World Police.

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