Even today, 2 yrs free of prescription painkillers, Bauwin does not trust herself to not go.

“It put me in contact with reality,” she stated.

Multiple stints in 2 different treatment facilities — Glenbeigh Center in Rock Creek, Ohio, and Gaudenzia in Erie — helped break what became a destructive pattern of taking pills and consuming to ease surgical discomfort along with a proper diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease.

Could it have been 18 years back once the Millcreek Township resident was billed with multiple drug felonies for stealing 15,000 Vicodin from the pharmacy.

Brenda Bauwin has remained four occasions in residential medications facilities. But the most crucial treatment methods are the main one she receives every single day in a meeting for fellow addicts.

Inpatient counseling helped change that.

From the moment she was 23 and struggling with publish-surgical discomfort after getting her gallbladder removed, narcotic painkillers will be a problem for Bauwin, who labored for many years painting houses for any business run by herself and her husband, Jim Bauwin.

The advantages of treatment were different every time.

Treatment labored, however the benefits were temporary. Bauwin would undergo four extended residential stays before her newest — and she hopes last — stay, 2 yrs ago at Glenbeigh.

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