President Trump announced Wednesday the U.S. now recognizes Jerusalem because the capital of Israel, growing that which was left from the Israeli-Palestinian peace effort. “As disturbing because it was right now to watch Jesse Trump add fuel towards the Middle East conflict, it had been more disturbing to look at the conflict between Jesse Trump’s teeth and the tongue,” Trevor Noah stated on Wednesday’s Daily Show. He performed areas of it where Trump was visibly slurring his words, chuckled, performed it again, then offered some theories.

Many people were concerned Trump were built with a stroke, but Noah stated “it appeared like someone hit him having a blowdart right before he went to help make the speech,” or possibly “like he just were built with a drink will Bill Cosby.” He then made his final diagnosis. “President Trump is putting on dentures, people,” Noah stated. “Consider it: fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan — there is no a part of his body that’s real.” Look, he added, “there is no shame in getting dentures — but there’s shame in Jesse Trump getting dentures, because he’s vain as hell.”

At The Late Show, could not stop poking fun at Trump’s last slurred words, “U . s . Shursh,” so he performed it two times. Everyone opposed Trump’s Jerusalem decision, he stated, why did he get it done? One explanation is he’s fulfilling a promise to conservative pro-Israel groups and contributors, but evangelical Christians also back the move in an effort to spark the 2nd introduction of Jesus. The Late Show “God” made an appearance to quash that concept. “Are you currently crazy?” he stated. “I am not likely to send my Boy into that tinder box! Did not go very well before.Inch He isn’t likely to Jerusalem, either, “God” stated. “I am not really sure it’s my holy city any longer. I am considering moving it somewhere more relaxed, like Austin. It’s my personal favorite city within the whole U . s . Shursh.” Watch below. Peter Weber

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