Patel said a team at Duke met to discuss the shortage.and to devise a solution. He said the team is looking at solutions where the hospital can use an alternative or, in some cases, completely eliminate the use of IV bags.

“WakeMed has been fortunate to maintain a systemwide supply. As a health system, WakeMed has resources available across our facilities to manage the shortage without any disruption to patient care. In some cases, safe alternative forms of IV fluids and treatments are used when clinically appropriate. Our pharmacy and clinical care teams meet daily to track fluid inventory, coordinate distribution and ensure the needs of our patients are being met without compromising care. We also work closely with our suppliers, including Baxter, to effectively manage our supply. We will continue to serve our patients for the duration of this shortage – and the duration of this year’s flu season.”

The acute shortage of IV bags is linked to Hurricane Maria and the devastation it wrought on Puerto Rico last September.

Rex and WakeMed both responded via written statements to inquiries from WRAL News about how they’re dealing with the shortage of IV bags.

From WakeMed:

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