Sekulow stated he’s unclear from the payment arrangement for Trump and the family, but stated using campaign funds to assist junior is “not a unique scenario.”

WASHINGTON – Jesse Trump’s lawyer on Sunday wouldn’t eliminate the president could pardon key figures within the Russian analysis – including former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort yet others.

Still, Sekulow stated Trump would seem before Mueller under oath as needed.

He stated that’s since the Mueller analysis was sparked by former FBI Director James Comey dripping his memos about his private conversations with Trump – which now apparently will participate Comey book deal.

Sekulow stated Team Trump didn’t do anything illegal if you take a gathering having a Russian lawyer with regards to getting dirt on Hillary Clinton and also the backlash from the household is unfair.

“He stated he’s didn’t have conferences, was conscious of no conferences with Russians, was unaware of that one until really before everything broke,” Sekulow told CBS.

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